Saturday, June 01
Space Yacht is one of the most unlikely parties on the planet. Born from an underground showcase in Los Angeles, they are now responsible for debuting some of the world's most explosive dance music talent, running the gamut of dance flavors from house to dubstep to trap to techno and beyond. Taking the USA by storm with its surprise performances, forward-thinking bookings, and spontaneous pizza deliveries in the peak of the party, Space Yacht is a heatseaker for the next-up of dance music talent across the globe.

On this edition, we zoom in on one of the busiest house producer-DJs of recent--Noizu. He's responsible for a couple of the industry's most prized bangers, the modern rework of "Music Sounds Better With You" alongside the titan Malaa, and funky "Rave Alarm" with Dombresky. He recently dropped "No More" on his own record label and commenced a large touring campaign across the US. We brought on his debut in Los Angeles and we are excited that he has accepted our invitation to do the same in San Francisco.

San Francisco, please welcome Noizu to the stage.