Friday, November 29
Audio presents Kidnap at the club on 11/29. His debut album, Grow, is gaining tons of support from underground artists all over the globe and we're proud to welcome him back to his SF home.

For table reservations, please call/text 415-745-6259 or e-mail

Matt Relton, aka Kidnap, first gained recognition by winning the iTunes Best Electronic Track in 2012 with his release Vehl. Forever experimenting with sounds, the Sheffield producer rapidly carved out a unique and intelligent sound. In pursuit of artistic independence, he launched his Birds That Fly imprint in 2016 with “Moments” featuring Leo Stannard.

Staying true to his sound, Relton consistently releases music that evokes memories. Here is an artist who truly understands the importance of each and every sound. Through the use of vocals, intricate percussion and melodies, his productions conjure emotions from deep within.

Support by Sasheen & Chad Bays