Friday, May 19
Lost & Found boss, GUY J, headlines Audio on May 19th. As a play on his name he's often referred to as, GOD J, because of how damn good his sets are. Don't miss this show.

For table reservations, please call/text 415-745-6823 or e-mail

Israeli producer Guy J has established himself as one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers in electronic music of the last decade, with a body of work and a sphere of influence that belies relatively short time in the spotlight. Whether it be his sensual, hypnotic take on house music, his deeply textured techno or his wondrous ambient material, his work is always touched with a magic and emotion that few rival.

Growing up, he was immersed in Israel’s dance music culture, and a burgeoning scene that is known the world over for its epic parties. From its own Love Parade to major clubs and radio shows, the country has long been a bastion for underground electronic culture. “If you looked for it, it was right there” he recalls. But while the country was chiefly known as the world’s chief exporter of psy trance, Guy and his contemporaries have spearheaded an acclaimed new wave of Israeli house and techno music. “I’m very sensitive person, so I think what I make is what I feel at the moment I make it” he explains of the deeply emotional qualities of his music. “I started as big fan of trance and progressive, and got exposed later on to techno and house\deep house. I’m trying to put all this together in my music; a bit of everything.”

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