Saturday, August 24
DJ Boring
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DJ Boring takes the stage at Audio on 8/24.

For table reservations, please call/text 415-745-6823 or e-mail

The origins of London based DJ & producer Tristan Hallis lie in Australia, where he was raised and cultured amongst some of the most interesting musical phenomena of the 21st century.

Watching DJ BORING in action is the antithesis of his mundane pseudonym; vibrant, energising, fun and full of passion, Tristan Hallis puts his all into every set. Over the last few years he has ascended rapidly thanks to his dazzling displays, impeccable selection and high quality productions. The Australian selector takes great pride in his digging capabilities, constantly searching for lesser-known gems from years gone by, and pairing them up with more recent cuts that are equally exceptional.

Since he arrived with ‘Winona’ in 2016, DJ BORING has continued to push forward and demonstrate his abilities on stage, in the clubs, at festivals and behind-the-scenes in the studio. He has an innate ability to blend seemingly disparate styles. His debut on BBC Radio 1’s legendary Essential Mix and an amazing Boiler Room appearance at Lost Sundays exemplify this DJ style, but tune in to any of his streams, recorded sets or, better still, see him in person and you’re bound to be left buzzing by his sheer dynamism.