Famed for the global smash “Sandstorm,” dance icon Darude brings his new ‘Together’ tour to Audio for the first time.

For table reservations, please call/text 415-745-6823 or e-mail reservations@audiosf.com

While famed for the global smash 'Sandstorm,' Darude's long and successful career has seen him release five studio albums, earning a string of global awards and multi-platinum discs-atestament to his status as an international artist within the electronic music scene.

'Together’ is Darude’s latest studio project born out of the meaningful ethos of what electronic music represents to him: unity, spirit, and good times. Wanting to celebrate the shared moments, the timeless experiences, and the love of the music, Darude began toiling away in the studio to capture the spirit of the live environment in an album project. ’Together’ is an album exploring the bond of community within the electronic music scene and how that unison has expansively traveled.

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