Meet Pioneer’s New DDJ-SX3 Controller, Perfect For B2B Serato Sets

Producers and DJs, check it out – do you own a DDJ-SX2? Well, it might be time to upgrade, because the next edition of the DDJ products has arrived: the DDJ-SX3 from Pioneer.

The 4-channel controller, designed for usage with Serato DJ Pro, takes the Pioneer family of hardware to the next level. Along with the same primary features from its predecessor the DDJ-SX2, it also adds a new mic input – for a total of three mic inputs – that features separate FX and level control, as well as a second USB port. These new additions make it a prime piece of gear to have on tap for back-to-back sessions with multiple DJs on the decks, for collaborations with vocalists, rappers and MCs, or even just for people who like to have another backup USB on hand.

The latency of the jog wheels on the DDJ-SX3 have also been reduced, making scratching even smoother than the SX2. The SX3 also comes with free Serato Flip Expansion Packs and Pitch ‘n Time DJ.

You can grab more details about the new controller, which will be available starting in June, on the Pioneer website.