Serato Introduces Serato DJ Pro, Releases Vital Software Updates

Serato, one of the leading DJ and music software softwares in the electronic music world, has announced that they’ve rebranded their flagship program from Serato DJ to Serato DJ Pro. This upgrade is actually a free update for any DJ that holds a Serato DJ license or supported Serato DJ hardware – and that’s not the end of it.

Key updates for the program have also been released for the software, including numerous new features and improvements. One of the most significant, perhaps, is the Practice Mode feature, which many long-time Serato users have been awaiting. The software is also laptop-only and does not require you to hook up hardware to use it, which makes things extremely easy when you’re not in the studio.

The Head of Strategy at Serato, Nic Maclaren, explained the importance of the new Practice Mode:

“Practice Mode is the ideal prepping tool. DJs can practice blends, set cue points or beat grids, and fine tune their sets without the hassle of plugging in gear. It’s also great for mixing when you’re on a plane, or on the road. Or, if the worst happens, as a backup replacement for hardware.”

Other updates to the software include support for 64-bit power, which allows for bigger libraries and much more reliability, as well as new optimization for high-res screens like Retina and 4K and a performance pad view for your cue points.