The Art Of DJing Is “Being Creative With The Instruments In Front Of You”, Says DeWalta

DeWalta – the Southern Germany-hailing DJ, producer and founder of Meander – was featured on this week’s On Rotation podcast to discuss his sound, current work and how he approaches studio production in quite a unique way. His sound, an intriguing intertwining of minimal and jazz, is both mesmerizing and inspiring – and he also offers his own take on how the act of DJing is portrayed in his mind.

DeWalta explains to the On Rotation hosts that to him, “the art of DJing is being creative with the instruments in front of him.” The art comes from the instruments that you use – you have to use them creatively. It’s so much more than pressing just a button. He also explains how a longer set is a great opportunity because in the state of our electronic music scene, you need time to tell a story.

This concept epitomizes the significance of DJing as an art plays in the musical world today. In a scene where so many genres consist of live instruments, it is often that DJing is frowned upon as people pushing buttons. Credit is not often given to those who use DJing as their own art form, creating their own essence of expression in a beautifully bass-laden way.

The podcast also features a number of gems embedded in DeWalta’s interview, including sneaking into Berghain and more. Take a listen to the full recording below.