Listen To A Few Of The Top Techno Albums of 2017

Online music database and marketplace Discogs has released the top album releases of 2017 by genre and has included some stunning artists that brought their sound to light in the past year.

Of the ten chosen, we’ve picked a few of our favorites from the likes of Four Tet, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Actress and Dopplereffekt.

Give them a listen below!


Actress – AZD

Actress’s new album is a twelve-track wonder that highlights his mystical explorations of experimental techno. Pronounced “Azid”, the album is a look into another world – an a parallel universe of sorts – that brings thought and careful intrigue into its sound. With a throbbing techno bassline, its stylistic irregularities keep you on your toes – and captivated the entire time.

Four Tet – New Energy

The enigmatic, avant-garde works of Four Tet are innovative in their own way, and New Energy is no exception. Balancing between atmospheric, melodic makings and club-ready bass hitters, it carefully incorporate elements of minimalism, techno and a touch of bass. Some must-listens on this album in particular are Two Thousand and Seventeen and Memories.


Kraftwerk, 3-D: The Catalogue

Released in early May, The Catalogue is quite that – with thirty releases under its name, the album is a fantastic listen for a rainy day or a long night. Kraftwerk has been a known name in the electronic music space for years – originally created by German musicians Ralf Hutter and Forlian Schneider in 1969 – and has since epitomized the art of synth-heavy electronic sound.


Dopplereffekt, Cellular Automata

Hailing from Detroit, Gerald Donald’s electronic project Dopplereffekt that started back in 1995. Donald is half of the iconic techno duo Dexciya, and this project was his way of diving deeper into the realm of ambient techno. Their latest album, Cellular Automata, is their first full-length release in ten years.

Depeche Mode, Going Backwards [Remixes]

Electronic music trailblazers Depeche Mode get quite the revisit with their album Going Backwards [Remixes]. With new reworks on this much-loved track by techno and house icons including Solomun, Chris Liebing and Maya Jane Coles, it’s the type of album you’ll want to have on repeat – even if it’s the same track, over and over again.