Cheers To 12 Years of Dirtybird: Listen To This Stunning Label Compilation

Since its creation, Dirtybird Records has become immensely more than just a record label. It’s a brand, an events and a touring company, a crew of insane talent, a family of dedicated fans, and, of course, the home to some of the best music we’ve seen in the house and techno scene as of late.

As the label continues to grow into 2018 with the launch of the new Dirtybird Campout East taking place in Florida and many new artist releases to come, they’ve shared a powerhouse mix with the world featuring some of the best tracks that have come from the label over its twelve years of existence.

Dirtybird has a strong reputation for high-quality sound spanning genres, resulting in numerous legendary tracks that have pulsated through sound systems across the globe again and again. Label manager Deron Delgado, who put the mix together, explained in an interview with Insomniac:

“We know there’s a lot of diamonds in the rough… Going after the same name artists as everyone else isn’t really our vibe. If the music’s good, we don’t care where you’re from or how long you’ve been producing music. If we’re into it, we want to get it out there.”

We’ve had the opportunity to host a number of Dirtybird players at Audio over the course of the past few years, including Ardalan, Justin and Christian Martin, J. Phlip, Sage Armstrong, Weiss and Dirtybird father himself, Claude Vonstroke. We have no doubt this label will only continue to grow its dominance in the industry – and we absolutely love it.

Take a listen to the mix below.