Producer Platform Splice Is Paying Its Artists A Massive $5 Million In Revenue

Have you met Splice?

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, let us enlighten you: it’s a cloud-based platform that has completely changed the game of music production and community collaborations in the electronic music industry since its launch in 2013.

The platform is a dream come true for producers. It not only provides a number of production tools to its community – a community strong with over 1 million users; it also offers a number of revenue channels for artists beyond the basic ticket sales, streaming and licensing income possibilities.

The company, which just raised $35 million in funding, just announced that they’ve paid the participating artists on the platform a whopping total of $5 million in revenue. And get this – over the past four years of the platform’s existence, they’ve seen a 324% year-over-year increase in their artist payout.

CEO and co-founder Steve Martocci announced in a press release:

Our mission is simple: to help musicians maximize their potential… Our vision is big: to transform the way musicians create and collaborate, to foster a culture of openness in music, and to uncover new revenue streams for artists through artist-to-artist marketplaces.”

For producers who are in search of new collaborators, new revenue sources, new tools, new places to explore and exchange ideas, this may be worth a moment of your time to check out. As an artist, revenue streams have historically been a sore subject and a constant cause of debate regarding things like royalties and payments for tracks. With Splice, new windows are opened up that offer producers a place to discover new ideas and new sounds, create new connections, earn revenue and more.

They offer an idea on their website that hits home: to create fearlessly.

That, we can do.