Happy Holidays: Watch The Annual Yule Log From Christian & Justin Martin

“The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”

Well, maybe not singing – but an hour of drum and bass from none other than The Martin Brothers will do.

Christian and Justin Martin have started a tradition over the past three years of an hour-long video featuring the brothers casually sitting by the fire, drinking and opening presents – with a soundtrack overlay of one of their notorious drum and bass sets.

It’s a rare occasion that these drum and bass mixes are performed by the Martins, scattered here and there at what seems to always be the perfect moment, such as sunrise sets at Dirtybird Campout. Their annual Yule Log videos, however, are something we can always look forward to.

This year’s video features Santa hats and ties, a bit of dancing by the fire, presents of new production gear, Justin Martin’s adorable little pup and – of course – the fast-moving, bass-bumping, enticing sounds of drum and bass. Because that’s exactly what everyone needs on Christmas Day.

You can catch Christian Martin performing at Audio on January 5th alongside Sage Armstrong.