ICYMI: Pioneer DJ Has Released Its New DJ-Friendly Sampler

For those artists out there who consider themselves a hybrid DJ + producer – or even if you’re just a DJ but love to play with samples here and there – if you haven’t heard yet, we’ve got great news for you.

Pioneer DJ released its new DJS-1000 last month, just in time for the the first day of Amsterdam Dance Event. The standalone performance sampler was created with DJs in mind, as it’s geared towards musicians who are already using a full CDJ setup.

The DJS-1000 features 16 colored tactile performance pads that allow you to load up to – you guessed it – 16 samples to the pads and drum on them as you wish. It also features a 16-step sequencer that makes it easy to build a new tune via tapping. The sampler includes a color screen and an assignable touch strip – making pitch changing and note repeating simple and customizable – as well.

Our team is excited to see such a product enter the market as it opens the doors for DJs to live sample throughout their sets alongside their normal CDJ usage. You can loop samples and insert them into your mix as individual tracks.

The new product costs $1,999 and is available for purchase now. You can watch the introductory video below.