Audio Artist Spotlight: Breach and Yotto

It’s official! This month, we turn four – and this weekend, we’re celebrating the anniversary accordingly. On Friday, September 22, we’re welcoming British house DJ and producer Breach to the club, followed by our four-year anniversary party with the musical mastermind Yotto performing on Saturday, September 23.

Unfamiliar with either of these artists? Itching to hear their sound before you hit the dance floor? As always, we’ve got you covered.

Friday, September 22: Breach

Breach – the house and techno brainchild of British musician Ben Westbeech – has made quite the mark on the electronic music industry since he released his first track “Fatherless” in 2010.

Breach’s most notable track, however, completely dominated the electronic music charts – it reached #9 on the UK Singles Chart upon its release in July 2013 – is “Jack.” Not sounding familiar? Give it a listen and catch the official music video below.

Westbeech has has released on labels as Breach including Dirtybird Records and Brownswood Recordings, but to this artist, that wasn’t enough yet. He started his own label, Naked Naked, which has released new music from the likes of artists including Dusky, Dark Sky and Midland.

This stunning artist has an eclectically creative mind with his musical creations as well. Outside of Breach, Westbeech also produces and releases music under his original name and dabbles in genres beyond house and techno – particularly with jazz and electronica. Westbeech has been creating music under his real name since 2008, with his first single “So Good Today.”

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Saturday, September 23: Yotto

Famed Finnish artist Yotto has been making waves and paving new paths in electronic music as of late, and rightly so. This DJ and producer – who actually began his musical career at the age of 12 – has perfected a style that finds its origins in house but regularly travels into other genres and sound dimensions.

Yotto is something of an enigma in the best possible way. His sound is diverse and flawlessly incorporates various personal influences, all with a careful touch to ultimately create one of the most mesmerizing sets you may ever have the opportunity to experience.

This producer has had massive backing along his career path as well. He signed with powerhouse label Anjunadeep in June 2015, releasing his first two-track EP “Memento” / “Azzurro” at that time. His next release – “Wondering EP” came a few months later.

One thing you may notice that’s truly unique about Yotto’s creations? His signature usage of the kickdrum.

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