Audio Artist Spotlight: J.Phlip & Lee Foss

Kick off August the right way: with a weekend spent at Audio. This Friday, 8/4 we’re welcoming J. Phlip – one of the most wicked talented producers from Dirtybird Records – to the club, followed by an out-of-this-world experience on Saturday, 8/5 as Lee Foss performs on his Repopulate Mars tour.

Friday, August 4: J. Phlip

Hailing from the hometown of Champaign, Illinois, Jessica Philippe – also known as J. Phlip – is truly a pioneer in the world of female artistry. The producer and DJ took the electronic music world by storm as one of the few women on the Dirtybird Records label and one of the most impressive artists to see perform live.

Phlip’s musical style is eclectic to say the least. Her unique combination of house and techno, both old school and new, brings in sounds that keep you intrigued and completely entertained. She found her sound for her first time in her hometown – a quick two hours south of Chicago, where the house music scene was prominent and likely one of the many reasons why she dove into that particular genre. However, the distance from the city also acts as a metaphor for her music as well – with an influence of house music in her beat, she has also given herself plenty of room for exploration within her sound.

Philippe debuted on Dirtybird Records back in 2008 and has been skyrocketing in popularity ever since. She makes a point to put a fresh twist on her sound via older tunes, as she spends much of her time in record stores looking for one-of-a-kind tracks to envelop into her upcoming sets.

Needless to say, J. Phlip is a role model for aspiring female producers who are working to build a name for themselves and for anyone who needs an idea of how to seamlessly work in any and all creative aspects that inspire you into your music. Her sets will keep you guessing and absolutely keep you delighted as well.

Grab your tickets for this evening here.

Saturday, August 5: Lee Foss

Lee Foss has taken the earth – and the universe, for that matter – by storm with his new label “Repopulate Mars”, which was actually a brainchild stemming from the “Repopulate Mars” party series we’ll be hosting at Audio on Saturday evening. The aim of the label? To take on a similar ethos as the party creates.

The artist was born and raised in Chicago – not too far from our Friday night guest, J. Phlip – and found a passion for disco and house music as he explored the club and rave scene of the busting city. He later met Jamie Jones in Ibiza and they found themselves building their Hot Natured house music group that attributed to both of their rises in fame. They also co-founded the dance music label Hot Creations.

Lee’s eclectic sound is a masterful mixture of nu disco and techno with a heavy synth presence. Much of his unique sound comes from his love for – and combination of – a number of genres including 90s hip-hop, 80s electro, Detroit techno and classic house. With a constant upbeat and catchy undertone, his live sets keep movement constant across the floor.

His abilities have not gone unrecognized, either – he was just nominated for The DJ Awards in the Deep House Categories. He has released on labels including Wolf+Lamb, No. 19 and Culprit as well as Repopulate Mars and Hot Creations.

Find more info and purchase tickets for this show here.