Audio Artist Spotlight: Kill Frenzy & Le Youth

We’re kicking off the launch of our new blog with a weekly series to catch you up on the artists playing at our venue each upcoming weekend. Perhaps you know their names, but are unfamiliar with their sound – or perhaps you’ve been intrigued with their sound and want to know more. Regardless, we have you covered with the latest and greatest.

This week, we are hosting Kill Frenzy on Friday, July 21, followed by a special deep house set by Le Youth on Saturday, July 22. Let’s dive in.


Friday, July 21: Kill Frenzy

Seba, the Belgian born and raised DJ and producer known lovingly around the globe as Kill Frenzy, has a unique style that stands out among his Dirtybird labelmates. Trying to label the artist as a music maker within one particular genre is nearly impossible, as his work brings in influences from various elements of house and techno subgenres across the board. The result? An eclectic style that presents his booty house sound with an infusion of the deep, dark elements of heavier techno and a kick of the catchy melodies the artist is so well-known for.

Kill Frenzy jumped into the world of production at the young age of 17 and quickly became one of the first European producers to release a number of booty house tracks on both the Chicago-based Dust Traxx label and Detroit-based label Juke. He has dabbled in a number of genres along the way, eventually creating the unique sound he performs with today.

He’s particularly known for some of his biggest heads on the Dirtybird Records label like “No Panties” and “Gorilla”, as well as numerous other tracks that have made their rounds on the festival circuit for months. Seba has also released music on other record labels including Turbo, Relief, Pets Records, and Hypercolour.

His debut album Taylr Swft will be released on Dirtybird this November.

You can find more details on this Friday’s event here.

Saturday, July 22: Le Youth

Wes James – stage name: Le Youth – has made a name for himself through his ability to flawlessly take 90’s-era tracks and putting a modern twist to create dance-worthy tracks that revive our original love for the 90’s with an extra pep in our step.

James, who was born in Toledo, Ohio, found his entryway into the music world in high school when he became the drummer of a band. He later discovered electronic music when he moved to Seattle and was introduced to drum machines and sequencers. After a few jumps across the US, he eventually landed in Los Angeles and released his hit track “C.O.O.L.” on his Soundcloud page.

The DJ and producer has mastered the art of revisiting older tracks that are smooth and catchy and putting a funky house twist on them to create a serious dance floor movement. It’s truly dance music with an R&B inspiration that properly balances the line between the two.

Saturday night’s performance will be a rare opportunity to see Le Youth in a unique form: rather than his normal set – which are stunning in their own way – he’ll be diving deeper with a unique deep house set.

Visit our event page for more info this special evening here.